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Deerpark AI Centre

Frozen AIThe  first  Privately  owned  Pig  A.I. Station  in  Ireland  was  opened  by  DEERPARK  Pedigree  Pigs  in  1985,  and  the  first  frozen  Pig  Semen  on  a  commercial  basis  was  developed by DEERPARK  in  1988.

The AI station is EU approved and is able to export to the entire World

We can deliver Fresh AI to most parts of Great Britain and Europe on a next day Delivery.

We can send Fresh AI to the rest of the World and this usually takes two to three days.

Frozen AI

DEERPARK AI are acknowledged as one of the leading experts in Frozen pig AI,

Each straw contains 2.5ml of concentrated sperm.

This allows our customers to access AI as they require it once shipped to their farm. (Minimum orders apply for Frozen AI)

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