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Pigs being exported to China

DEERPARK Pedigree Pigs is a Family firm formed in 1958 by Robert Overend MBE. Robert still takes an active role in the firm and works in Partnership with his Sons Robert and Nigel, and his Grandsons.

Since it was formed its pigs have been exported all over the world with great success. Recent exports out side Europe have been to China, Nigeria and Ukraine

In addition to having one of the largest herds in the United Kingdom of Landrace and Large Whites it also retains herds of the follow breeds;

  • Duroc
  • Pietrain
  • Hamsphire
  • Berkshire
  • Gloucester Old Spot

DEERPARK also have a wide range of Terminal Boars and F1 gilts for sale

DEERPARK are able to export all across the World and we can arrange all the transport

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